Activity Engineer supervision


The Engineer has supervision functions  during the execution of the work according to Article 142 (4)(5) and Article 143 of the Spatial Development Act for capital projects and Article 168 of the Spatial Development Act for the commissioning of projects on the grounds of Article 169 of the Spatial Development Act. During the construction, the Engineer will carry out regular inspections and verify the compliance of the work with the approved capital project, construction permit and construction line and level certificate.

The Engineer selected under the Public Procurement Act will have the following functions:

1. Ensure lawful commencement of construction;

2. Supervision over completeness and correct compilation of reports, certificates and other records the construction work;

3. Supervision over compliance with the requirements for occupational health and safety in construction work;

4. Avoiding damage to third parties and property as a result of construction work;

5. Sign all reports, certificates and other records during construction work;

6. Prepare instructions and orders which shall be entered in the site log book;

7. Prepare a final report to the Contracting Authority. The report shall contain all necessary documents certifying the suitability of completed facilities for acceptance;

In the implementation of the activity, the quality of the construction work will be controlled and any violation of the technical consistency will be prevented and made good through the issuance of instructions and orders which will be entered in the site log book. Where necessary, decisions will be taken to suspend and continue construction in accordance with the Ordinance on the reports, certificates and other records drawn up during construction work issued by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Work.

Method of implementation

Conduct a three-lot tender procedure and sign a contract with the selected Engineers. According to the current regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria, the person responsible for the construction supervision will be responsible for the implementation of the following activities:

  • Issuance of a construction certificate after issuance of a construction permit;
  • Progress of construction work on the site shall be in compliance with the requirements of the Spatial Development Act;
  • Supervision of the execution of the work in accordance with the approved detailed design for all types of work;
  • Appointment of a qualified natural person from its staff as a safety and health officer for the construction execution phase, in accordance with Article 5 (1)(2) of Ordinance No. 2;
  • Control of compliance with the conditions of occupational safety and environmental protection during execution of the work;
  • Control of quality and quantity of the construction materials and products and their compliance with the safety standards and suitability of the site for commissioning;
  • Signing of all reports, certificates and other records issued during construction;
  • Preparation of instructions and orders and enter them in the site log book;
  • Upon completion of construction, the construction supervisor will prepare a final report and prepare the required documentation for the issuance of a Complete and Ready for Commissioning Certificate.


Results achieved:

- Three construction supervision contracts signed;

- All actions involving construction supervision by the Engineer as provided for under the current legislation completed, and in particular, the Spatial Development Act and its by-laws related to the construction process;

- Managing and coordinating the construction process and exercising construction supervision in accordance with the provisions of the Spatial Development Act so as to ensure their implementation in accordance with the approved capital project, the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation and the Contracting Authority;

- Release of all documents during construction and commissioning in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation;

- Final report prepared;

- Complete and Ready for Commissioning Certificate issued.

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