Activity Organization and management of the project


The organization and management of the project will be carried out by a team consisting of: project manager, coordinator, financial expert, technical expert and lawyer.

All experts are employees of the Plovdiv municipal administration. The team will be responsible for the overall project implementation, expenditure of funds, communication with all stakeholders, including the Norwegian partner and the Programme Operator.

The activity will provide:

  • accurate time and resource determination for individual tasks;
  • full and effective implementation of activities;
  • ability to control quality and take action in case of deviations;
  • risk management mechanism during implementation.

The responsibilities of the team members are tailored to the specifics of the intervention and their respective position in the team and will be set out in the job descriptions/contracts for the respective positions. Effective management and control of the activities will be ensured by the team, with teamwork based on properly selected experts with clearly defined tasks. Meetings will be held on a regular basis to analyse progress, issues and upcoming tasks. In order to monitor and control the implementation of the contracts with external contractors, the team will carry out compliance checks. During documentary checks, the correctness of the documents issued will be verified. Periodic meetings will also be held with the contractors to discuss activities, deadlines and possible difficulties. An internal monitoring system will also be implemented to monitor the progress of the project and check for:

  1. Compliance with the provisions of the Grant Agreement.
  2. The extent to which the results achieved meet the targets.
  3. Any deviations from the timetable and what measures have been taken.
  4. Occurrence of any difficulties.
  5. Whether the expenses incurred are in line with the budgeted expenses and whether the principles of transparency, appropriateness and legality have been respected.

Method of implementation

At the start of the project, an action plan will be drawn up for the implementation of the activities, setting out tasks with specific deadlines and responsible persons. A system for effective communication between the management team, Plovdiv Municipality and the partner will be established, with monthly online meetings for coordination, progress monitoring, evaluation and reporting of results. The task of the team will be to ensure the administrative, technical and financial management of the project.

The project management will have the following aims and objectives:

  • planning and allocation of activities and resources;
  • ensuring publicity of the results;
  • ensuring a reliable control mechanism for the implementation of the project procurement contracts;
  • risk monitoring and management;
  • reporting of irregularities or suspected irregularities; and quality implementation of the activities to promote the financial support of the EEA FM and NFM.

The results of the implementation of the activity are as follows:

1. Effective implementation of the project activities in accordance with the approved project proposal and the Grant Agreement.

2. Optimal use of human and financial resources.

3. Established project organisation and management system with clear allocation of individual tasks, responsibilities and deadlines.

4. Established system for monitoring, control and evaluation of project implementation.

5. Established system for communication and information exchange between project team members.

6. Ensuring publicity in accordance with the Communication and Design Manual of the EEA FM 2014-2020.

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