Activity Visit to the Kingdom of Norway to exchange experience


A visit to the Kingdom of Norway of two members of the team - a Project Manager and a Technical Expert, is proposed for the exchange of experience. The project participants will have the opportunity to learn best practices at managerial and expert level with a focus on energy efficiency, energy planning and management at different levels, innovative energy efficiency measures and their implementation in plans.

Method of implementation

The visiting experts will be seconded by their employer, Plovdiv Municipality, in accordance with the labour legislation and the project provisions. The experts will visit sites in the Kingdom of Norway similar to the intervention sites in Bulgaria and where Supras Limited has been involved as a consultant. They will learn about the experience of more advanced countries in the implementing of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in buildings.


The experts will gain new direct observations on energy efficiency and renewable energy measures implemented in buildings in the Kingdom of Norway. They will increase their competence and gain new skills.

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